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In 1970, Ernest Beattie purchased Butch’s Car Wash from Clyde Butcher, who had built the originalfacility on Newman Springs Road in 1957. The business at the time offered the car wash, simonizing, a gas station and mechanic shop. Ernie enhanced the car wash by implementing the newest car wash equipment available at the time and quickly became well-known throughout the community. Ernest’s son-in-law, Bill Siebert, came into the business in 1978 as a manager and became an owner in 1982. After Ernest’s untimely passing in 1984, his daughter, Leigh, and Bill took on full ownership of the business. The car wash continued to grow and Bill continued to implement the newest equipment to advance the car wash to the finest car care facility in the two river area. In 1995, Bill turned the mechanic shop into a full service oil change facility which quickly gained popularity combining services with the car wash. After 42 years of fine stewardship, Bill retired in 2020 and handed the reigns to his eldest son, Chuck, who came into the business in 2001. Butch’s success is also reliant on the long time service of a few core employees, Jimmy Coulson (decd.), Brett Heggen, Ryan Chadwick, Marlene Itri, Douglas (Woody) Apy and Brian Horne. For 66 years, Butch’s has continued to implement the latest in car care equipment and products while providing a high level of customer oriented service in the Red Bank area.

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