Attention all customers

Butch's Lube n' Wash will not be held responsible for any damage or loss involving any of the below mentioned.

Remove all valuables and personal items (EZ Pass, handicap signs, magnets, etc.)
Close all windows and sunroofs
Lower or remove radio antennas
Unlock doors
Fold in power mirrors
Shut off rain sensing wipers
Close or remove dashboard-mounted navigation screens
Note existing chips, dents, scratches, loose mouldings, loose mirros, damaged wheels
Remove snow and ice at home before car wash (we don't use hot water)
Remove thule boxes and other roof-mounted storage prior to car wash

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I sit in my car while it gets washed?
A. No. All passengers (including pets!) must exit the vehicle. There are no exceptions.

Q. I have a coupon for a car wash from the dealership/oil change. What do I do with it?
A. All coupons must be presented to the cashier. After the coupon is redeemed, all paperwork will be returned back to you for your records.

Q. I have a coupon with a date stamped on it and it has passed. Will you still accept it?
A. Yes! Butch’s accepts all coupons regardless of an expiration date. Coupons don’t expire at Butch’s!

Q. How does tipping work?
A. While tipping is at the customer’s discretion, there are two places to tip at Butch’s: at the entrance when you pull your car up there is a tip jar and at the end when you receive your car. There is no tip jar at the end, but instead you tip the one attendant who finishes your car directly.

Q. It looks like a lot of guys are doing my car! Do I tip them all?
A. No. Only one attendant will drive your car out and finish it. You tip him individually and directly.

Q. Do you hand wash cars?
A. No. We do not hand wash cars at Butch’s.

Q. Will my car fit in at Butch’s? What are the dimensions of your car wash?
A. We can service most vehicles at our car wash. Currently, we cannot wash vehicles with after-market enhancements such as lifted or lowered cars. Large passenger/commercial vans also will not fit in our car wash.

Q. I have a convertible. Can I wash it at Butch’s? (i.e. Jeep Wrangler, sedan convertibles)
A. Yes! We wash convertibles frequently and with no issues.

Q. What kind of vacuuming is included with my Full Service Wash?
A. A Full Service Car Wash includes a quick vacuuming of the vehicle’s feet areas and the top of seats. Butch’s does not surcharge for larger vehicles or 3rd row seating, as many other car washes do. Customers needing additional vacuuming or cleaning in 3rd row seating are encouraged to add our extra vacuuming services to their car wash order as it is NOT included in our Full Service Car Wash.

Q. I have a scratch on my car. Can you fix that?
A. It depends on the depth and severity of the scratch. Micro scratches and light scuffs can most likely be remediated. Deeper scratches that go through the clear coat and/or paint may need to be seen by an auto body professional.

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